Panoptikon Fotografins Hus, Stockholm, Sweden, under new leadership

Since 2010, PANOPTIKON FOTOGRAFINS HUS, has been conducted as a non-profit exhibition hall by Olof Glemme and Hans Hedberg. Our aim has been to work until 2025. Due to a health condition this is not possible. PANOPTIKON FOTOGRAFINS HUS will, from December 1st, 2015, have a new leadership. Anna Eriksson, founder of the Publishing House, Art and Theory, and Estelle af Malmborg, former curator and assistant director for fine art at Kulturhuset, Stockholm – a duo who intend to pursue exhibitions in the spirit of PANOPTIKON but also renew and develop the concept.

We, the previous owners, are very happy with this solution and feel that our work will have a natural continuation of high quality.

The main task that we gave ourselves during these years have been to take a difficult but important position; to show international photographic artists who are not yet established in Sweden or in the Nordic region. There have been some resistance from public to such an approach. Many would prefer to receive confirmation of what they already know. But to find what is not yet common knowledge has been our driving force. We hope that Anna and Estelle will face as many happy surprises as we have done.

With this we wish to thank all the artists who we have exhibited during the years we have led PANOPTIKON FOTOGRAFINS HUS, our friends and visitors, our sponsors and partners; The Cultural Administration of Stockholm, the National Arts Council of Sweden, Stockholm County Council, Moderna Museet, Cultural Institutes and Embassies.

Your kindness, your generosity and deep knowledge have been crucial to maintain a high artistic quality. Many times you have also helped us keeping the good spirits up.

We would also want to address our special thanks to our long term co-worker Magdalena Stiernborg.

And of course to many who, in different ways and in different roles, have helped us, mostly without compensation. Albin Dahlström, Dorothea and Anders Flodin, Inger Glemme, Johan Hedbäck, Patrik Lindgren, Nicola Liptakova, Sandra Praun, Johan Wahlgren, Jonas Weibull, Björn Wänn, Gunilla Wänn and others.

We wish all the luck to Anna Eriksson and Estelle af Malmborg in their work with PANOPTIKON FOTOGRAFINS HUS and look forward, with great curiosity, towards their future work.

Olof Glemme and Hans Hedberg


PANOPTIKON FOTOGRAFINS HUS (PANOPTIKON HOUSE OF PHOTOGRAPHY) is an Exhibition Hall for contemporary photography situated at Skeppsholmen – the cultural center of Stockholm, near the Royal Castle and the National Gallery. Fotografins Hus focus on introducing well-established international photographic artists whom for various reasons have not received attention in Scandinavia, as well as being a meeting place for those interested in artistic photography in Stockholm. The ambition is also to present the photographic art in context by showing filmed interviews with photographers, publish essays on the website, producing publications, seminars and discussions. Each season has a theme that is presented by various artists.

Fotografins Hus is a non-profit organization primarily run via voluntary work and supported by Stockholm’s Culture Administration and the National Arts Council. The exhibitions are often produced in collaboration with foreign cultural institutes and embassies. Fotografins Hus is led by Olof Glemme and Hans Hedberg.

For information about our exhibitions send us your contact information here.

We are looking forward for you contacting us

Olof Glemme and Hans Hedberg